Member Services

Want to join the QNT family? Apply today!
Tribal Member applicants must provide the following documents
Application/ Family tree
Copy of Birth Certificate
Copy of CIB
Name change documentation if applicable (marriage license, divorce decree, adoption paperwork etc)
QNT offers open enrollment for tribal membership at certain times during the year. Contact the office for more information.
Voting members must be able to show local residency for 1 year prior to voting and must take part in self determination by voting in tribal elections. Please call us at (907-224-3118) for more information.

Enrollment_Ordinance 9-16-13

QNT offers scholarships to Tribal Members for higher education. Applicants must complete an application, an acceptance letter to an accredited college or trade school, proof that they have applied for federal student loan programs and complete a short essay. Applications are reviewed at the monthly council meetings. Applicants must be currently enrolled QNT tribal members.

Tribal Council
John Osenga- President
Melody Wallace- Vice President
Eric Clock- Secretary/Treasurer
Arne Hatch- Member
Dorothy Osenga- Member

Annual QNT picnic Saturday June 3rd 2017

Scott Allen- Tribal Administrator
Pam Jarosz- Finance Manager
Sarah Benjamin- Division Manager
James Wardlow- Youth Programs
Mariah Johnson- Tribal Clerk
Michelle Wardlow- Fee Agent
Rayette McGlashan- Administrator- Child Development Center (CDC)
Carol Conant- Lead Teacher
Brittany Swanson-Grants Administrator- CDC

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00PM