Qutekcak Native Tribe, Seward’s Native Pride

On the edges of pristine and serene Resurrection Bay, the Qutekcak Native Tribe offers a place for Alaska Native people in the region to help improve their lives.

Members of Qutekcak are a blend of Alaska’s Native peoples from all corners of the state. It’s like a melting pot of cultures and heritage that provides both an opportunity

to know each other fully, and the challenge of not knowing our heritage as well as other Alaska Native peoples. Ours is a blend of many, rather than one.

Through a variety of cultural activities, educational and support programs, we offer activities that sustain our people and opportunities for growth for the region’s first


If you’re an Alaska Native person living in Seward, or anywhere on the Eastern Kenai Peninsula, we hope you’ll join us. We promise to help you discover our heritage and take

pride in your ancestors. Together we’ll journey along the shores of Resurrection Bay and learn about the great history that surges in daily along the waves.